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Ecological Literacy is a basic life-skill that every human being on our planet should be supported to develop. An ecologically literate person understands that we are all part of a living system, where the key principles are about interdependence and interconnectedness. An ecologically literate person translates this understanding into actions that demonstrate conscious efforts to minimize negative impacts on our life-sustaining systems and maximize value contribution to our collective well being, now and for the future generations.

Ecological literacy is a prerequisite for sustainability, and a critical life skill and understanding that politicians, corporate and educational leaders, and professionals of every field should develop, preferably starting from an early age. If we take serious the transformational changes required for a sustainable society and future, it should have been the most important goal for education at all levels – from primary and secondary schools to universities, and continuing education. It is widely acknowledged that this type of education is critical for our collective wellbeing and even our survival; yet little of it is applied (as yet) in our educational systems.


  • Schools – ELIA developed the Education for Sustainability Programme in 2011 in collaboration with the BEC (Bureau de l’Education Catholique) for secondary schools to support their ecological literacy development. The management of this programme has been transferred to Earthwise Centre since July 2015. ELIA continues to support schools in their ecological literacy development, especially by teaching schools how to carry our their Ecological Footprint Analysis, linked with training in ecological economics, eco system principles and climate change.
  • Corporate Leaders – We are working with the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD) to promote Ecological Literacy Development of the corporate sector as part of MIoD’s commitment to Corporate Sustainability. We also provide in-house training for organisations in Leadership for Corporate Sustainability through tailor-made training programs.
  • General Public – Introductory trainings in Ecological Literacy Development and Sustainable Development are also available for the general public upon request.


  • Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) – you learn how to quantify the ecological impacts of your activities and those of your organisation. Once impacts have been assessed, intervention measures can be tailored to lower your Ecological Footprint and / or that of your organisation.
  • EcoLogic ® – introduction to Systems Thinking and System Dynamics to learn about implications of human activities within interrelated and interdependent systems. You learn about characteristics and behaviours of systems (System Archetypes), use tools like Causal Loop Diagrams to map the causal relationships between system parameters, and concepts and simple computer models applied to sustainable development challenges.