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Let’s face it – we have not been able to make our shared destiny on Earth a priority. Myopic politics, outdated institutions and a economy run on ever-increasing levels of consumption have failed to bring forth a united effort to respond effectively to our changing climate, the degradation of our natural world, and the erosion of our social fabric. Our research projects and consultancy on Energy Futures are relevant to current climate change issues. Click here to see the Project overview.

Through the use of econometric and System Dynamics modeling, ELIA is engaged in research to investigate energy options for Mauritius over the 2050 time horizon. In particular, we are interested in:

  • charting out alternative carbon intensity paths (including emission profiles compatible with a contraction-convergence approach to clime change) until 2050 and their implications on behavioural and technology changes, and financial requirements;
  • dynamic calculation of the grid emission factor as a metric for cleanliness of the national grid;
  • deconvoluting carbon intensity paths into sectoral emission pathways that can be used for developing low-carbon / carbon credit projects;
  • using dynamical modelling as a tool for identifying Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions;
  • monitoring key indicators such as per capita GHG emissions under policy scenarios;
  • synthesise research under the banner ‘low-carbon, climate-resilient development’.