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One of our first projects was the design and creation of our eco-house and ELIA’s office at La Gaulette, Mauritius. We applied Natural Geometry and Solar Passive Design principles in combination with organic landscaping.

North-side view of the house

Examples are:

  1. positioning of building and arrangement of rooms relative to solar path and prevailing winds;
  2. special geometry of building envelope (shape and porosity);
  3. use of passive ventilation, including a green roof;
  4. high energy productivity of building (both direct and embodied energy);
  5. organic vegetable garden;
  6. rain water harvesting;
  7. biological recycling of grey water;
  8. use of renewable energy;
  9. composting of organic waste and recycling; and
  10. landscape featuring endemic and indigenous plants, among others.

We are currently working on the design of vertical green walls to further reduce the thermal mass of the building envelope.