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ELIA means Ecological Living In Action. Ecology is about the relations between organisms and their natural environment. It is this relationship dimension that our human society has become most disrupted, which is part of the leading causes for today’s sustainability crisis.


ELIA was incorporated in 2006 in Mauritius. Although we are small in size our services, projects, programmes and initiatives reach many different countries and types of markets and organizations.

ELIA, in collaboration with its partners, has made significant contributions to getting private sector organizations in Mauritius on board for corporate sustainability and sustainability reporting and in initiating educational transformation in partnership with the Bureau for Catholic Education in Mauritius.

We apply integrated thinking and sustainability design principles in all our services and in the ways that we operate our company. Our focus is to support our clients and partners to develop their capacity for sustainable development and ecological literacy.


Our client-base includes; schools, corporate and non-corporate organisations, individuals, local communities, and governments. We operate in the Indian Ocean Region, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Arab States, with our main activities taking place in Mauritius.