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Sanju Deenapanray
Managing Director

Sanju Deenapanray is the founder and Managing Director of ELIA-Ecological Living in Action. He has worked in various fields in the capacity of researcher, project coordinator and consultant. He worked as an Australian Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow from 2000 to 2004 researching novels ways to integrate optoelectronic and photonic devices.

Between 2004 and 2006 he was a Fellow with the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the ANU working in a team researching and developing a breakthrough technology to fabricate low-cost, high-efficiency, thin-film crystalline silicon solar cells. Sanju also carried out research using Synchrotron Radiation at facilities in Taiwan, France and South Korea. Furthermore, he carried out research at the Royal Institute of Technology, Kista, Stockholm.

Upon his return to Mauritius in 2006 he worked as a Project Coordinator at the Mauritius Research Council. He worked for the UNDP between April 2008 and June 2010, where he was in charge of the national climate-change portfolio, as well as providing technical backstopping support to UNDP’s Regional CDM Capacity Development Programme in six Eastern and Southern African countries.


Honours Degree in Engineering (Interdisciplinary Program) from the Australian National University (ANU), MSc in Physics from the University of Pretoria (South Africa), PhD in Semiconductor Physics / Electronic Materials Engineering from the ANU, and a MBA (Technology Management) from APESMA/Deakin University (Australia).


Sanju was born in Mauritius and has since lived in Australia (1990 – 1994, 1998 – 2006), South Africa (1996 – 1998), Sweden (July-Oct 2000). He moved back to Mauritius in 2006.

In 1990, Sanju travelled to Australia to undertake a degree in Engineering. After completing his degree he moved back to Mauritius, and in 1995 formed a company called Photovoltaics (Mtius) Ltd to import and market photovoltaic (PV) systems in Mauritius. Due to lack of awareness and conducive policies to promote renewable energies at that time, the initiative lacked the necessary support to continue.

He then moved to South Africa to complete a MSc in Physics, and moved to Australia in 2008 where he did his PhD in Electronic Materials Engineering at the ANU. In 2006, he returned to Mauritius.

Sanju has published over 130 papers in prime international journals and magazines, and given several oral and invited talks at international conferences. He has worked in many Sub-Saharan countries on climate change related issues. Traveling to and working in over 36 countries has enriched his life experience.

Life defining moments in his life have been the birth of his two sons.

His passion is to be the change that one would like to see for an ecologically sustainable future. His foremost priority is his family.

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